What Traits & Temperament Describe Your Cat?

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Ragdoll Cat Personality –

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Many of our Floppycats fans have been kind enough to tell us about the personality of their own Raggies, and we have summarized their testimonials to compare them to the standard characteristics.

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Ragdoll Cat Breed – Main Personality Traits

Developed by Ann Baker in the ’60s, the Ragdoll has become one of the most appreciated cat breeds in the world because it has all the characteristics that people want in a cat.

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Ragdolls Love Humans

They are very fond of their masters but also highly interested in socializing with others. This may mean house guests, but it also includes other strangers. 

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Ragdolls Are Personal Bodyguards

This means they follow their masters wherever they go around the house, including the bathroom. 

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Ragdolls Are Puppy-Dog Cats

One of the dog-like behavior traits that lots of Raggies display is their playfulness. 

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