Do Ragdoll Cats Make Good Pets?

Here at Floppycats, we know a lot about Ragdoll cats, not only from doing extensive research on them, but also from our personal experiences of owning them and loving them in our own homes.

Ragdoll cats started with Josephine, a white, long-haired Persian/Angora cat, who was bred with several Birman or Burmese-esque cat. This produced litters with the characteristic 'going limp' that Ragdoll cats have, and white fur. (more history on the swipe-up)

A History of Ragdoll Cats

Large cat breed (10-20 lbs) – Blue eyes (typical characteristic) – Semi-long-haired cat (semi-long, plush coat)  – Endurance (typical lifespan is 15 years)

What Appearance Are You Looking For?

What Personality Are You Looking For?

– Ragdoll cats are extremely sociable with humans. – Ragdoll cats are very close to their masters, but they are not pushy. – Ragdoll cats are very playful cats with a lot of love to give.

Indoor vs Outoor?

Ragdoll cats are indoor-only, in fact most breeders require this to be agreed upon prior to purchasing.

Do You Have Other Pets?

Ragdoll cats are dog-friendly, but it will work better if the other animals are younger. If they are introduced properly, it can be worked out well.

Do You Have Children?

Ragdoll cats are very patient and are very family-friendly, but no one can definitively state how each individual cat will act with a child.

Levels of Ragdolls

– Pet (Alter) Quality – Show (Alter) Quality – Breeder Quality – Show/Breeder Quality

Adopting a Ragdoll

Rescuing or adopting a previous show Ragdoll is a great option, but your investment will vary based on the level.

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