This Simple DIY Project Will Make Cleaning Your Cat's Litter Box a Breeze

Here is what you will need for the project: Rectangular Storage Boxes that sit 2 inches when stacked. Or these alternative – Petmate Simple Sifting Litter Pan – Luuup Litter Box – Pet Mate Arm & Hammer Large Sifting Litter Pan

Here are the other items that you’ll need: – ¼ Drill BitElectric DrillPine Pellet Online – for those who don’t have a Feed Store nearby.

DIY Pine Pellet Sifting Litter Box

Sifting litter box for pine pellets: I wanted to use 100% pine pellets but was not loving the idea of tediously sorting the pellets from the sawdust with the scooper multiple times a day, however, if this wasn’t done regularly the sawdust would build up in the box and get tracked through the house (no thanks!). 

DIY Sifting Litter Boxes

Storage Boxes – The key was finding tubs that were the right diameter and height, that also had about a two-inch gap between them when stacked, to allow room for the sifted sawdust in the lower bin.

Electric Drill and ¼ Drill Bit – My husband drilled tons of holes in the bottom of one bin using a 1/4 drill bit, which allows the sawdust to pass through when shaken, but keeps the unused pellets on the top where they belong. 

Sifting – All I have to do is shake the box back and forth after they pee and the pellets have broken down – the sawdust magically disappears (solid waste is scooped out and discarded in a bag).

Pine Pellet Tip – Also… a tip for people considering this type of setup… buy 100% pine pellet HORSE bedding from your local feed supply store – it is only $4.95 for a FORTY POUND BAG and is the same exact thing as the cat pine pellets.  

Building a Nook

I had hubby build me a litter box partition that was architecturally compatible with my dining room. We designed an “L” shaped partition out of the same wood wainscoting and moldings found in the rest of the home.

We lined the floor and baseboards with re-usable machine washable medical absorbent bed liners instead of traditional litter mats. This protects our hardwood floors from accidents, are pleasing to the kitty’s paws and are easy to wash.

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