Constipation in Cats: Causes, Symptoms, & Treatment with Dr. Jean Hofve 

Dr. Jean’s book, The Complete Guide to Holistic Cat Care: An Illustrated Handbook, will teach you more about the holistic approach to cat health and care. 

Today is May 30th and we are talking with Dr. Jean Hofve today about cat constipation.  

Jenny: I know. Everybody loves cat poop. Dr. Jean: Well, every cat's got some.

Jenny: Yes. Well I went ahead and read the article on Little Big Cat about constipated cats that you wrote to kind of get some ideas for the interview, and I loved the Bristol Stool Chart. 

Dr. Jean: Yeah, I found that a number of years ago and I thought that was the greatest thing since sliced bread. You know have you ever watched Dr. Oz? Dr. Oz has said the exact same thing. 

Jenny: That's what I was going to tell you. It reminded me of Dr. Oz. Dr. Jean: I know. Me and Dr. Oz, we're on the same page!

Jenny: Yeah, because ever since Dr. Oz started talking about you want your stool to look like your intestines, you now you want the S-shape, I mean I first heard about it on Oprah when Dr. Oz was on Oprah

Dr. Jean: He talks about the S-shape but the S-shape only curves because the toilet bowl will put it in an S-shape. 

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Constipation in Cats: Causes, Symptoms, & Treatment with Dr. Jean Hofve