10 Mind-Blowing Facts About Your Favorite Cats

From failed CIA agents to ninja-like hunting skills, these cat facts will have you feline fine in no time! So kick back, relax, and dive into these tantalizing fun facts.

1. Dream Big 

Cats are perfectly capable of dreaming like humans. Their pattern of brain activity during sleep is quite similar to ours. 

2. Puss in Boots 

In reality, there may not be a Puss in Boots, but the closest thing you'll find is the kitty spy that the CIA tried to make.

3. Thirst for Vengeance 

Cats are capable of remembering the bad stuff. So, if you took your cat to the vet and saw her upset, you only have yourself to blame 

4. Land on Its Feet 

It is no surprise that cats always land on their feet. They are capable of surviving falls from insane heights by doing so. 

5. Night Vision 

Cats have incredible vision. While they may not be able to see in complete darkness, they have vivid sight when in low light.

6. The Mystery Meow 

Like human fingerprints, cats have unique nose prints. One cat's nose's distinctive bumps and ridges can never match another's.  

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