Description + Photos of Black Ragdoll Cat & Kittens 

You might have landed on this page wondering if a black Ragdoll cat exists. Unfortunately, according to the Ragdoll cat show world, black Ragdoll cats are not recognized, and they do not even consider them true Ragdolls.  

Why Are Black Ragdolls Controversial?

Part of the reason black Ragdoll cats are so controversial because they are essentially shunned from competitions, even if you have documentation to show that they're purebred. 

Despite the lack of the traditional Ragdoll breed color patterns, a black Ragdoll is essentially the same as any other Ragdoll. 

The first Ragdoll cats were bred by Ann Baker in California in the 1960s, with a white domestic longhaired cat Josephine that produced docile, affectionate kittens. 

One of these was Blackie, an all-black male that resembled a Burmese, who then sired Buckwheat, a dark brown/black female.

All Ragdolls are descendants of Buckwheat and Daddy Warbucks, another of Josephine's offspring.  

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Black Ragdoll Cat & Kittens