Dental Hygiene in Cats 

Growing up with a mom who required 2 dental cleanings a year for her children and her husband, I was well aware of the dangers of tartar, bleeding gums, etc. 

When we took him to the new vet, a vet dedicated to cat care only, the first thing they noticed was what terrible shape his mouth was in. 

After they took his blood to make sure he was fine otherwise, it was time for Rags to get a dental. 

Tartar built up and plaque in your cat’s mouth can cause many dental complications. One of the most common complications is periodontal disease. 

If left untreated the attachment structures holding your cat’s teeth in can be destroyed and your pet can lose its teeth. 

To avoid periodontal disease, feed your cat a healthy diet, have appropriate chew toys, brush your cat’s teeth daily

Appropriate chew toys are those that are soft such as rope or rubber toys. Do not let your cat chew on hard objects 

If you’re confident with your cat’s healthy diet, and you know you have appropriate chew toys, then you might first want to start out with How to Brush Cat Teeth.  

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Dental Hygiene in Cats