Dangers of Snowglobes and Cats: Snow Globes Contain Anti-Freeze

This is the story of Charlie. We adopted him in May 2006 during an All Pet Adopt-A-Thon I founded and organized in Jacksonville, Florida. 

He was about 4 months old and had a beautiful coat, fabulous eyes, and a face you couldn't resist! I knew he had to be mine. 

His fur grew longer, his eyes turned a beautiful blue-gray, and his tail was the envy of all the kitties. 

On Christmas Eve day 2006, my beautiful Ragdoll wannabe Charlie was being himself, into everything. 

However, we have a couple of kitties that have acquired door-opening skills. I didn't want to disturb him, so I walked by and headed for work. 

Later in the day, I received a call from my husband saying I would not be too happy because Charlie had jumped on the chest of drawers, knocked over a snow globe, and it had broken. 

I work retail, so I got home after 6:00 p.m. that evening and noticed Charlie behaving strangely. His big fluffy tail was down, and he seemed not to be feeling well. 

Jim said Charlie had joined him for a nap earlier and was very affectionate, rubbing all over him, and wouldn't leave him alone. 

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Dangers of Snowglobes and Cats