Cleaning Chemicals and Cats - What Do You Use or Not Use and Why?

Keep areas well-ventilated If you have an indoor-outdoor cat, now would be the perfect time to shoosh them out the door for some patio sunbathing while you clean. You will save yourself from having to follow right behind your cat with a sponge after she walks her paws across your clean counter.

Modify your cleaning routine Depending upon your cat, you may also have to modify your frequency of cleaning. Instead of mopping your floors nightly, you may consider only once to twice a week to keep the cleaning chemicals and cats away from one another.

Which cleaning chemicals and cats are a bad combo? It is always a safe bet to read ingredient lists on all products that may come in contact with your cats, and especially kittens, as they can have worsened reactions. (Swipe up to get a full list!)

Natural Cleaning Supplies to have on hand: – Spray Bottle – White Vinegar – Baking Soda – Lemons or lemon juice – Paper Towel – Borax

Pet safe cleaning recipe Pet-safe cleaning products are solutions that are generally absent of the chemical compounds listed above.   They tend to be: – Milder in smell – Biodegradable – Made with more natural-plant-based materials.

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