Purrfect Place Finder: Avoid These Cat-Unfriendly US Cities

From cat cafes to leash-free zones, the range of amenities directly impacts the ease and satisfaction of both the cats and their owners.

The Study 

The study looked at a number of factors – veterinarian costs for cats, including the cost of vaccinations and spay/neuter surgeries.

Los Angeles, California 

Los Angeles was the worst-ranked city in the whole study, with low scores across the board – high veterinarian costs, poor access to vets, and a lack of pet-friendly accommodation and pet stores. 

New York, New York 

New York didn’t fare well – while it has a reasonable score for pet-friendly spaces and apartments, it is one of the worst for veterinarian costs and the absolute worst city in the study for access to vet offices. 

San Jose, California 

San Jose ranked third-worst due to its high veterinarian costs for cats – the joint worst in the entire study. 

San Francisco, California 

San Fran is the city that joins San Jose as the most expensive for cat veterinarian treatment (and it was the standalone worst for dog treatments, too 

Boston, Massachusetts 

Boston has poor – but not terrible – scores across the board. Access to veterinarians is OK, but costs are high, and access to spaces is poor. 

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