Ragdoll of The Week - Cayenne

Kitty Kitty Cayenne – my handsome little man! 

I love Cinnamon, my female seal-bicolor Ragdoll so much that I decided she needed a Ragdoll playmate. (Cinnamon debuted as Floppycats’ Kitty of the Week December 7, 2020). 

And so the search for her playmate began. This time I was hoping for a seal-mitted kitten. I really liked the striking beauty of their dark brown faces I had seen in photos. 

I contacted Cinnamon’s breeder, Stardolls Ragdoll Cattery. She had no seal-mitted kittens but one of her queens was carrying five kittens sired by her unproven seal-mitted.  

Of course, she could neither guarantee colors or sexes. I would have to wait but I definitely wanted a baby boy. 

I resolved to patiently wait for the birth of the litter. Then, I received the long awaited call. Four females and one male had just been born. He’s mine I excitedly told her!  

When can I see him? I would have to wait awhile until it was safe to view the new litter which felt like an eternity. 

After many calls to check on my prospective kitten, the viewing day finally arrived and I had a good case of the butterflies on my way to meet my new baby boy. The five precious bundles of white were having a great time playing with one another.

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Cayenne – Ragdoll of the Week Story