Catios: Catio Design Ideas and DIY Catio Plans

Check out the DIY catio plans and design ideas on this page to find one that suits you.

Build Your Catio 

Yes, you most certainly can if you have experience building outdoor furniture and fencing. Ultimately, a DIY catio can be just as large as you want it to be, and you can make it fit precisely in your house. 

How to Build a Catio

The catio must have adequate fencing on the entire surface. There should be no interruptions to the fencing because the cat could try to escape through there and end up getting hurt.  

The Window Catio Box 

This is the simplest type of catio available, but your cat is guaranteed to love it. It is box-shaped and made out of catio fencing with a waterproof roof. 

The Extra Large Catio - The Sanctuary 

This catio model is the deluxe version of a catio, which your furry companion will love. 

The Window Catio Haven 

Window haven catio also made to be connected to a house window, it also features a waterproof roof, but it offers much more room inside for your cat.  

The Outdoor Oasis Catio + Tunnel 

As far as catios go, you can't get any better than this. The outdoor oasis catio model is an actual adventure land for your cat. 

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