Cat Zits: Feline Chin Acne

Cats can get zits just like humans. However, cat zits start out as what looks like black dirt under the cat’s chin.

If you don’t clean these off your cat’s chin, they can get infected, turning into what humans more readily recognize acne white heads. Yes, cats get acne. Usually it is just on the chin and it isn’t all that uncommon.

Cat Chin Acne Causes

There are different theories on why cats get acne:  - Plastic Food Bowls or Plastic Pet Fountains  - Plastic Exposure in the Home  - Ceramic Food Bowls - Metal Food Bowls 

- Food Touching  - Hormonal Issues/Genes  - Beef Allergy  - Wheat Allergy  - Lack of Omega-3 

Cat Chin Acne Causes

-  Replace Plastic Food Bowls or Plastic Water Fountains  - Petroleum jelly (like Vaseline)  - Toothbrush   - Flea Comb  - Warm Salt Water and a Towel  

Cat Chin Acne Treatment – Mild Version

Cat Chin Acne Treatment – Severe Version

- Pop the Zits   - Antibiotic  - Anti-inflammatory  - Anti allergy cream 

Products that Help with Cat Acne:

– PetAlive Pet Acne Clear Homeopathic Formula 2 oz Spray – PawNosh Glass Pet Bowls - Stridex Medicated Pads

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