Cat Water Fountain - For Picky Cats

Cats are often quite picky and refuse to drink from stagnant bowls of water that aren’t constantly filled with fresh, clear H2O.

Signs of Dehydration 

Cat owners must monitor their cats for signs of dehydration, especially if there are concerns over an untouched water bowl.

Oxygenation of Water 

A cat water fountain is exactly how it sounds – it’s a miniature water fountain aimed at providing cats with fresh, flowing water to drink from.

Filtered Freshness 

While a cat water fountain is designed to encourage cats to drink more and avoid dehydration, they also offer another benefit – many of them are filtered and can purify the water they drink.

Multiple Cat Households 

Owners with more than one cat need to make sure that the fountain is accessible to all cats since they may not be willing to wait their turn

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