Cat-tastrophic Myths Busted:

Unveiling the Truth Behind the Craziest Cat Misconceptions!

Cats will instinctively fall feet-first, but that doesn’t mean they can safely fall from any height and land. 

Cats Always Land on Their Feet

Cats shouldn’t drink cow’s milk – it’s unsuitable for their digestive system. Goat milk or kefir is OK but not essential – cats don’t need to drink milk. 

Cats Can Drink Milk

This is a popular myth and one that couldn’t be more wrong. Indoor cats can still get ill from outside contaminants, so ensure you are vigilant for signs your cat may be unwell.  

Indoor Cats Don’t Get Diseases

They may not identify a threat from the outdoor world. Some cats are better suited to indoor life with some safe, supervised outdoor time. 

It’s Always Best for Cats to Live Outdoors

Not all foods humans eat are suitable for cats; even in small quantities, some foods can be harmful. 

Table Scraps Are OK

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