Cat Scams: Breeder + Kitten Website Scams

There are a lot of Ragdoll breeder and kitten scams online since scammers know people are looking for the perfect pet for their new family member. We keep a running list of the ones we know about below.

A reader once wrote me and said, "Ordinarily, the work of a pet scammer is intrinsically evil. This is because they trade on the powerful emotion of love & tenderness towards an animal - a pet, a companion.

But because they operate in the wide swells of the internet sewer this sort of detritus is of no interest and not worthy of policing, apprehending, convicting, and jailing- substantial effort/ expenditure of resources for little gain. 

List of Scam Websites I Know About - Check Out Cat Scams on Facebook Below

Believe me, there are many more than this (and some scammers use legitimate breeders' names - so be sure to check the website link - as it can be different than the cattery name - they're getting tricky).

Aila Ragdoll Kittens   Asking for Zelle money transfer only, Christina (breeder) 301-245-5217 Transportation company 301-867-7898, After I've transferred 650+150 shipping I had to pay another 3500$ via Zelle only security deposit for temperature controlled cage,"Transport Tacticians".

Alpha Kittens Village (414) 622-0031

Appledolls home of ragdoll kittens 

This is a Facebook page impersonating a real breeder in Korea. They stole all the videos and photos from the legitimate breeder and pretend those kittens are theirs and then get people to send them money. Of course, they never get the kitten.

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Cat Scams: Breeder + Kitten Website Scams Story