Cat Owner Trends That Are Purrfectly Ridiculous

From extravagant cat fashion shows to over-the-top cat cafes, some trends in the world of cat ownership can leave us wondering, "What were they thinking?" Let's take a humorous yet critical look at eleven ridiculous cat owner trends that we can only hope will disappear.

Cat Fashion Extravaganza 

While a cute cat sweater is one thing, some cat owners take it to the extreme with elaborate feline fashion shows. Cats, much like humans, prefer comfort over couture. Let's ditch the costumes and let our cats be themselves. 

Gourmet Cat Cuisine 

While the idea of pampering your feline friend with gourmet meals may sound tempting, it's essential to strike a balance. 

Cat Cafes Gone Wild 

Once simple and charming, cat cafes have morphed into extravagant themed establishments. It's time to refocus on the heart of these cafes: the cats. 

Luxury Cat Hotels 

Luxury cat hotels offer opulent accommodations for your feline companion, but the basics matter more.  

Catnip Overdose 

Although catnip can be fun, overindulgence can lead to discomfort or digestive issues for your cat. Use it in moderation to provide moments of excitement without overwhelming your furry friend. 

Designer Cat Furniture 

While stylish, designer cat furniture can be expensive and may not always prioritize your cat's comfort and needs 

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