Cat Matted Fur: Tips and Tricks to Remove Cat Mat

Cat matted fur can be a real problem for cat owners and it can be difficult to keep mats at bay or get rid of them, especially if your cat is particularly sensitive to brushing or clipping.

But there are plenty of solutions for cat mats, it’s just a matter of experimenting with different courses and seeing what works for your kitty.

Brushing Routines

Sometimes brushing a cat regularly is enough to prevent cat mats from forming and comb out any mild ones. It’s good to establish brushing habits as early as possible in a kitty’s life before it gets harder for them to become accustomed to it.

Many owners recommend using a reward system to slowly acclimate a cat to brushing. Start by simply showing the cat the brush, letting him or her nuzzle it, and then rubbing the brush near the scent glands on the cheeks – giving treats for accepting movements from the cat. 

Then progress to alternating between a few brush strokes and a treat during brushing sessions until your kitty becomes more comfortable. 

Looking for the best cat grooming brushes and products to deal with matted fur on your Ragdoll cat? 

– Equigroomer Self-Cleaning Deshedding Grooming Tool  – Safari Pet Products Shedding Comb – Lilly Brush BE FOREVER FURLESS PET HAIR REMOVER   – Seam Ripper – Flea Comb

Home Grooming Tools

Having the right tools can make all the difference in dealing with matted cat hair and keeping your kitty calm, one of the most important tools being the type of brush. 

Here are a few different options for brushes that Ragdoll cat owners have recommended: 

– rotating tooth comb – moulting comb (with long and short teeth) – flea comb – rake – dog brush – silicone oven glove (unusual, but it pulls out loose hair easier than combing)

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