6 Reasons That Explain Why Your Cat Is Drooling

Drooling is not very common for most cats, so every time you notice it, it is best to try to understand why it is happening.

Is drooling normal in cats? And if so, what is the difference between normal salivation and pathological drooling?

Salivation, however, stops being normal when it involves a large amount of saliva and when it happens for a long period of time. If you see saliva sliding down your cat’s mouth, then that is no longer normal and you should examine the cat to find out what is causing the drooling.

1. Exposure to Toxins

When exposed to certain toxins, cats start to drool. In most cases, the drooling is quite dramatic – the salivation is continuous and in large quantities. Cats ingest, lick, or chew these toxic substances and then begin drooling.  

2. Oral Cavity Issues and Dental Disease

Drooling is a common symptom of the oral and dental disease because the salivary reflex is activated. Click the link below for some of the cases when cats drool due to issues of the oral cavity.

3. Foreign Body or Disease

The presence of a foreign body in the cat’s mouth or elsewhere in their body, such as a splinter or a piece of bone, do not allow the cat to close its mouth all the way.  

4. Trauma to the Oral Cavity

When cats get hit by cars or when they get into fights, they often get injuries of the oral cavity, which is usually associated with heavy drooling. Click the link below for some of the most common situations.

5. Esophageal Issue

If the cat can’t swallow the saliva it produces, it drools. This can happen when the cat suffers from esophageal lesions. These are commonly associated with pain and loss of appetite. 

6. Aversion to Taste

Sometimes it is as simple as the cat not liking the taste of something you might have forced into their mouths – like when I tried to give my parents’ 16-year old Ragdoll cat, Caymus, CBD oil straight from the dropper. 

What To Do If Your Cat Is Drooling

If you notice that your cat is drooling, you should never ignore it. As you’ve seen, there can be some serious health issues that have caused the cat to salivate. Ignoring the drooling means ignoring the underlying issue, which can be very dangerous and even fatal for the cat. 

Examine the cat’s mouth

As you’ve seen in the list above, there can be a lot of cause for the drooling, but most of them are related to the oral cavity. That is where you will find a lot of relevant information about what happened, so you should examine the cat’s mouth. 

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