Can You Walk a Cat (and How to Train Them)

How to Start Walking a Cat

Start indoors, gradually getting your cat accustomed to the harness and leash. Move to an enclosed outdoor space (if you have one) as this will be a potential new experience for your cat. 

Do I Need a Harness & Leash?

A harness and leash are essential, as you cannot predict everything and safety must come first for your cat.

Expectations for Walking Your Cat

It's imperative that you remember that your cat may not like the harness, and that's okay. Never force a cat that's unwilling to comply.

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While my cats personally didn't take to leashes, Ragdoll cats are known to follow their owners around. If you can get them to wear a harness and leash, you may be able to walk them naturally.

Turkish Van cats are energetic and curious, so walking them requires keeping things interesting. If you can do this, they may take well to walks.

The Korat is a bit of a quiet cat, but they do enjoy staying close to their owner and are open to training. These aren't the biggest fans of strangers, so quiet walks when others aren't around would be best suited for this cat breed.

Maine Coons are relatively docile, so walks around quieter areas would be best. Choose a time and place where others wouldn't be around.

British Shorthairs are similar to American Shorthairs, but less open to walks. While you might have success, this breed prefers to stay at home.

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