Black Flecks ...Why Do They Appear on My Cat's Chin? 

Unfortunately, blackheads and acne are not just for teenagers—they can turn up on your cat’s chin, too 

If your cat has black stuff on his chin, this is the first sign of cat acne. Fortunately, you can get rid of these black flecks before the turn into full-fledged zits. 

While some mistake feline acne for cat chin mites, there is treatment for this type of acne and with perseverance 

Cat chin acne is an inflammation of the cat's skin from the chin area, which is extremely sensitive. 

What is Cat Chin Acne?

It is a seborrheic dermatitis commonly located in the chin area. The main result is an excessive production of sebum. 

As a result, this area becomes very oily and black flecks appear on the cat's fur. 

However, this usually goes by unnoticed because the differences are subtle and the evolution is quite rapid.  

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Why Do Black Flecks Appear on My Cat's Chin?