Best  Deshedding Brush for  Ragdoll Cats

Always remember to introduce your cat to deshedding brushes at an early age, and keep it a positive experience for them.

Essential Tips for Using Deshedding Tools with Your Cat

This is one of the best deshedding tools you can buy for long-haired cats. The blade is circular and it has a lot of very small teeth, which means that it can gather up more fur at once.

JW Pet Company GripSoft Cat Shedding Blade

The Safari Cat Comb is a simply designed comb that is effective at brushing long-haired cats, and claims to be good for short-haired cats too.

The Safari Cat Comb

Because it snags hair at the ends, it tends to pull less for your cat, and so this is a good choice for anyone whose pets don’t like being brushed.


The Shedmonster almost looks like a razor blade you’d use for shaving, but it is a brush only and it doesn’t cut any hair at all.


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