Ragdoll Cats and the facts for Genetics, Colors, & Patterns 

How many breeds of Ragdoll cats are there? Ragdoll cats are only one breed of cats. However, the Ragdoll genetics include the genes of different cat breeds.

How do I know if my Ragdoll is purebred? If you want to be sure you're getting a cat with a champion bloodline in Ragdoll genetics, there're a few things you can do: 1. Buy a Ragdoll cat with official pedigree papers. These are issued from a recognized cat association (like CFA or TICA) and are only available for recognized breeders. 2. A DNA test on the cat can help answer whether the cat is a Ragdoll or a Ragdoll mix.

Can Ragdolls have green eyes? A purebred Ragdoll cat has big, bright blue eyes. Pure Ragdoll genetics don't allow for these felines to have green eyes. If your Ragdoll has green eyes, it's probably a mixed breed.

Do Ragdoll kittens' eyes stay blue? Yes, Ragdoll kittens' eyes stay blue their whole life. This is one of the most popular traits of the Ragdoll genetics.

Are Ragdoll cats related to Siamese? It's a common confusion for people to think that Ragdolls and Siamese cats are related. That's probably because of the similar colors and patterns some of these cats have. However, the Ragdoll genetics are not related to Siamese. They are two completely different breeds of cats.

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Ragdoll Cats and the facts for Genetics, Colors, & Patterns