Best Black Light for Finding Cat Urine – 3 Powerful Options

Many a cat owner will know how it feels when you can smell cat urine in your home, but you can’t see it. It dries clear but leaves a scent, which is why you’ll want the best black light to find cat urine so that you can properly clean it and keep your home smelling fresh.

Can you see cat urine with a black light?

Yes – cat urine will normally show up as a slight yellow or green glow in a dark room when a UV black light is shone on it. It’s best to wait until the evening to check, as darkness helps make the UV light more effective. 

1. LETMY High Powered Black Light

If you want to balance price and comfort, this is a good option. It isn’t the strongest or most effective light though, and is best for finding recent urine rather than dried-in stains. 

2. Alonefire X901UV UV Flashlight

The Alonefire is rechargeable and powerful, offering fantastic performance at this price. Most importantly, its 365NM light is extremely effective at spotting urine. 

3. uvMonster Blacklight Flashlight

Customer reviews are generally very positive about the uvMonster, and with 128 LEDs offering 385-395NM wavelengths they should be. Of those designed for casual use at home, it’s a solid option, although it needs a lot of battery power. 

Once you’ve found a black light that you’re happy with, you’ll then start finding the cat urine…which you’ll need to clean. Cat urine can be stubborn – simply scrubbing with warm water might help to dilute the smell, but it won’t completely clean and disinfect the area.  

How do you get dried cat urine out of carpet?

There are a number of ways to remove dried-in urine. Some of them involve some products you might already have around your home, while others are dedicated cleaning products that some of you have recommended. 

Does vinegar and baking soda remove cat urine from carpet?

If you have vinegar and baking soda, you can mix them to help deodorize the stain and give your carpets or furniture a deeper clean. But only mix them on the site of the stain itself, as it’s not the resulting product but the reaction that does the work. 

Does hydrogen peroxide get rid of cat urine odor?

If you don’t have any baking soda or vinegar, or it doesn’t quite remove the smell, hydrogen peroxide can work wonders. This antiseptic can be mixed with liquid soap and scrubbed into the carpet to completely neutralize the odor of the urine. 

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