Astrid - Ragdoll Kitten of the Month

My husband and I saw Crescent Moon Ragdoll’s post about an available kitten. We got Luka and Willow from this breeder.

Astrid was born May 16th, 2021. Astrid is a seal point mitted with a blaze.  Her blaze looks a bit like an exclamation mark with 2 dots under it. 

Astrid  is smart, independent, and she knows how to read the room.  Astrid is mature for her age.  

She keeps out of trouble with the other cats, because she pays attention to their moods and responds accordingly. 

Astrid is adventurous and loves to chase and climb.  When Astrid runs, she sounds like a galloping horse. 

Astrid likes to be on the highest spot.  Astrid and Willow are always competing for this sleeping spot. 

She doesn't like dehydrated or rehydrated food. Astrid does like Darwin's raw food. 

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Astrid - Ragdoll Kitten of the Month