Cat Poop & Diarrhea Stuck To Fur? 

It is not a rare sight in household cats, especially if they have long fur. So, naturally, it is much easier for a cat with long hair to get poop stuck in its skin than for a short-haired cat. 

So what's the problem? The number one culprit is diet. Think about it: what we eat as humans affects the consistency of our poop, and it's the same with cats. 

You might also start keeping a food diary to document what your cat is eating and how it affects its poop. 

Other possible issues besides dry food could be that there are allergies. For example, food allergies can modify the consistency of the cat's poop and make it sticky. 

Normal cat poop is quite dry but not dry enough to be edgy and get stuck in the cat's fur. This is why getting poop in their fur is not typical for cats.  On the other hand, the looser the stool is, the sticker it is. Semi-solid stools or mushy poop are easy to stick to the fur and challenging to get out .

Normal Poop vs. Sticky Poop

Large pieces of poop caught onto the cat's fur - These are easy to see and smell. As you can see in the first picture, cats can get quite large pieces of poop stuck in their fur. 

The Most Common Situation

Small pieces of poop caught onto the cat's fur - These are not so easy to spot, especially in long-haired cats, because the poop often gets masked by the fur. 

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Cat Poop & Diarrhea Stuck To Fur