5 Ways to Spice Up Ragdoll Cat Food

Sprinkle a small amount (less than a tablespoon) of nutritional yeast on top of your Ragdoll’s cat food to give it a special aroma.

Add Nutritional Yeast Powder

As you finish your bag of Whole Life Pet Treats, you’re always left with a bit of powder and small bits of food at the bottom. Instead of throwing it out, store it, and use it to spark up your Ragdoll cat’s food.

Sprinkle with Whole Life Pet Treat Powder/Dust

If your cat is not interested in its food anymore, then make the meal more fun to get your cat’s attention.

Move the Bowl to an Odd Location

Another simple way to spice up your Ragdoll cat’s food is warming it up. This changes the flavor, the texture, and the smell of the food enough to make it very interesting to your cat.

Warm Up the Food

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