2023's Top Cat Litter List  [Images & Videos]

So instead of a single definitive answer for “this is the best cat litter”, what's included below is all the kitty litter that I’ve reviewed or used in the past 

With all that info, here’s a definitive guide to the different types of kitty litter you can buy, and some good options for each of those.  

Best Kitty Litter Overall 

Dr. Elsey's Ultra premium cat litter is a cat litter that I’ve reviewed previously. It’s a good overall clumping litter that can be used in regular litter boxes  

Types of Kitty Litter 

There are a few different types of kitty litter, so let’s do a quick overview of the various options available.  

Clumping Kitty Litter  

Designed to clump together when it is wet, so as your cat pees it forms small clumps that you can then scoop out  

Non-Clumping Kitty Litter  

Rather than clumping together, this absorbs liquid, so in theory it captures urine and also dries out poop.  

Scented Kitty Litter  

Litter that has an artificial scent added to it to cover up any odors, or that uses natural materials for a natural scent such as pine. 

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