12 Unusual Cat Behaviors to Look Out For – and What They Mean!

Keep an eye out for these behaviors from any cats you know so that you know how to react. In this guide, we'll shed light on these perplexing behaviors and provide insights to help you navigate the quirky world of feline antics with confidence.

Rolling Over

You might think that rolling over is a trick only dogs do, but cats will sometimes roll around. It’s not a trick but a sign that they’re very happy and playful. 

Zooming Around the Room

The zoomies can be hilarious. Seeing your cat suddenly bound around the room at top speed is a sight. But just be careful – if your cat doesn’t tend to zoom around and then suddenly starts, it might be fleas. 

Presenting Their Butt

Don’t be alarmed if your cat turns around, raises up their tail, and shows off their butt to you. Usually, this just means they’re relaxed and enjoying your petting. 

Kneading You

Cats knead with their front paws when they’re comfy. It’s a behavior linked to their time as a kitten when they knead their mom to stimulate milk. Kneading with the back paws is a sign the cat is about to pounce or attack, so be careful. 


Splooting – when the cat stretches their front paws out ahead and their rear paws behind – can look uncomfortable. But it’s just a cat’s way of stretching out their joints – nothing to worry about. 

Staring at You

You may feel like your cat has initiated a staring contest with you, and they can be pretty mesmeric. Usually, staring is just a sign of affection but look for other body language that may suggest something else. 

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