12 Reasons Why Your Cat Loves Snoozin' All Day

1. Stress Relief 

When stressed, cats seek solace in sleep. It's a coping mechanism that allows them to escape from unsettling environments or changes. 

2. Conserving Energy 

This approach ensures they're always primed for action, helping them chase toys or hunt imaginary prey at any moment. 

3. Efficient Metabolism 

Their metabolism is tailored for efficiency. Cats extract nutrients from small, frequent meals, sustaining them even during their lengthy naps. 

4. Natural Instincts 

Cats' ancestors were fierce hunters, and their instincts to conserve energy remain intact.  

5. Dreaming Time 

Cats, much like us, experience dreams during their deep sleep cycles. These dreams are likely reflections of their daily activities and interactions. 

6. Thermoregulation 

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