Is Your Cat Broken? 12 Quirks That Will Make You Laugh

Understanding these quirky behaviors will not only provide insight into your cat's world but also help you foster a happier and healthier relationship with your feline friend. So, let's unravel the enigma of your cat's behaviors, one whisker twitch at a time.

Headbutting You

Cats will often headbutt (gently) their owner. It's not a sign of aggression but could mean anything from "I love you" to "Give me attention." 

Chattering To Themselves

You may see your cat chattering to themselves, usually when sat by a window. The noise and mouth movement is often a cross between excitement at what the cat can see and frustration that it can't be out there chasing it. 

Sneering At You

Sometimes it may appear that your cat is sneering at you. They aren't actually looking down their noses in disrespect, though – it's usually an expression they pull when they're analyzing the scents in the room. 

Winking At You

Cats can wink, and they'll do it on purpose too. It could be just a sign of affection, but it's quite rare, and if your cat is winking, you should check their eyes to see if they've got a foreign object in there or an infection. 

Acting Jealous

If your cat is a little jealous when you're busy and not paying attention – that's because they are! There's no hidden meaning here; your cat just wants you to focus on them. 

Hiding in Small Spaces

We've all seen cats squeezing themselves into almost impossibly-sized small containers or boxes. It's super cute! And the reason is that it makes them feel safe and cozy. Simple, really. 

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