12 Cat Hacks That Will Make Your Life (and Your Cat's) Easier

From interactive playtime ideas to ingenious grooming tips, these hacks are here to make your bond with your cat stronger than ever before.

1. Tailored Playtime 

or highly active cats, engaging options like feather wands or laser pointers can provide hours of entertainment. 

2. Scratch That Itch 

Satisfy your cat's natural urge to scratch by strategically placing various scratching posts and boards around your home. 

3. Litter Box Zen 

Create a serene litter box environment by committing to daily scooping. Opt for unscented litter and consider adding a box if you have multiple cats 

4. Cat-Friendly Furniture 

Choose removable, washable, or invest in cat-proof furniture covers for added protection.  

5. Fresh Water Supply 

Ensuring a constant supply of fresh water for your cat is vital. Cats are naturally picky about water sources, so consider investing in a cat water fountain. 

6. DIY Cat Toys 

Simple household items like cardboard boxes, crumpled paper balls, or even an old sock filled with catnip can become sources of endless entertainment. 

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