12 Cat Hacks That Will Keep Your Kitty From Ruining Your Furniture

Cats have a natural instinct to scratch, and your furniture seems to be their favorite canvas. Here are twelve practical cat hacks that will help you protect your beloved furniture from becoming your kitty's personal scratching post. Say goodbye to shredded upholstery and hello to a more harmonious home!

1. Invest in Cat-Friendly Furniture 

Look for pieces with built-in scratching surfaces or detachable covers for easy replacement. 

2. Nail Care 

Regularly trim your cat's nails using a cat-friendly nail trimmer to prevent them from causing significant damage when scratching. 

3. Scratching Posts 

Scatter multiple scratching posts throughout your home, ideally in areas where your cat frequently scratches furniture. Opt for posts with varied textures and heights to cater to your cat's preferences. 

4. Deterrents 

Utilize cat-friendly deterrents like double-sided tape or specialized furniture covers with textures cats dislike. Apply these deterrents strategically to the areas your cat targets most. 

5. Train Your Cat 

Consistent training is key to redirecting your cat's scratching habits. Be patient and avoid punishment, as it can create fear and anxiety. 

6. Furniture Covers 

Protect your furniture with washable covers or slipcovers. These covers act as a barrier, preventing your cat from accessing the upholstery directly. 

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