10 Well-Known Celebrities Who Are Cat Lovers

Celebrities – they’re just like us! Well, maybe not in every respect, but when it comes to cats, you can rest assured that a substantial portion of the rich and famous share our passion for furry felines.

Usually they tend to be animal lovers in general, with many also crusading for animal rights in their private lives. With that in mind, here are just some of the cat-loving celebrities who continue to inspire and delight us with their furry companions.

Taylor Swift

The singer is well-known for her penchant for taking pictures with her cats and then posting them on social media, often in hilarious poses.

Instagram: @taylorswift

Ricky Gervais

The comedian got the cat as a present from Jonathan Ross, and has been documenting their life together ever since.

Instagram: @rickygervais

Katy Perry

The singer has confessed to being slightly ‘obsessed’ with her cat, remarking that their relationship has proven to be more stable over the long haul than her romantic affairs.

Instagram: @katyperry

Cameron Diaz

Growing up, her collection included five birds, three dogs, three cats and two snakes! So it’s no surprise that her affection for kitties hasn’t waned in recent years either.

Instagram: @camerondiaz

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