10 Smartest Things Cats Have Ever Done According to the Internet

Check out these ameowsing tales shared by a popular online community of cat lovers, showcasing the remarkable wit, problem-solving skills, and cunning antics that will leave you both amazed and entertained and also surprised by their incredible instincts.

1. Group Project

Brian shares his experience with migraines. They had four cats who made their own pairs and didn't interact with each other. However, one day when the migraine was bad, Brian woke up to a shocking sight.

2. Smoke Alarm 

Chispa is the cat version of a smoke alarm. Her owner, Kathy, shares when she was fast asleep during the seventh month of pregnancy. Suddenly, Chispa woke her up by standing on Kathy's chest and making loud meows. 

3. Spider(Man) to the Rescue 

Someone shares the tale of their cat named Spider. Spider woke up his owner one morning and led them to the French doors in the living room.

4. Lending a Paw 

An owner shares how their cat, Katt, observed his owner as they were in the yard picking up sticks and putting them in a bag. Katt "helped" by climbing a tree and knocking sticks down. It's the intention that matters.

5. S.O.S. 

Our feline friends know how to make themselves heard. One cat lover mentions how their cat would get trapped in their mother's room. He'd yowl in the shower to get attention since it was louder and echoed through the house. Soon enough, someone would come to free him.

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