10 Ridiculous Things People’s Cats Accidentally Conditioned Them To Do

1. Playing Fetch With a Cat

One respondent says that when they first got their cat, they would throw her toy mouse across the room to ensure she would not sit on their laptop while they did work.

2. Shuffle Feet In The Dark

It’s a habit they picked up to ensure they don’t accidentally step on their black cat.

3. Waking up Earlier and Earlier

Kittens are not known for their excellent boundaries.

4. Catching Hairballs by Hand

One devoted felinophile says their beloved long-haired cat who sleeps on the bed with them coughs up hairballs while they sleep.

5. Flat Sleeping

Another owner who wants to give their cat everything they want says that they have become a back or stomach sleeper after being a side sleeper for years.

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