10 Insightful Things People Have Said About Cats

What marks our differences as cat lovers is the "why" behind liking cats.  And we do love these animals.

Answers from Owners 

When someone asks a forum whether or not people like cats and why many offer different answers for why these pets are so beloved.  

1. Require Less Attention Than Dogs 

One of the most widely agreed upon aspects of cats that make them wonderful pets is that they require less attention than dogs. 

2. Easier To Care For Than Dogs 

In addition to the specific response that cats require less attention than dogs, several users say cats are much easier to care for 

3. They Don’t Smell Bad 

Several cat lovers agree that cats barely smell at all, in contrast to dogs and other pets. One commenter notes that even the litter box is easy to deal with and only takes a few minutes to address. 

4. They Are Caring 

Cats aren’t exactly known as caregivers in pop culture. But many owners share stories of their cats taking time to help them feel better. 

5. Personalities 

Some cat lovers even acknowledge that some cats are often “jerks with a capital A,” which makes it all the more rewarding when they are sweet. 

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