10 Cat Owner Insights into Buying a Water Fountain for Your Cat

This collaborative discussion offers valuable insights into the practical benefits and considerations of introducing a water fountain into your cat’s daily routine.

Experiences Shared

Water fountains for cats are growing in popularity among cat owners, so one owner who says their cat has difficulty staying hydrated 

1. Fountains Encourage Drinking

Many feline parents highly encourage the original poster to invest in a fountain for their cat because they’ve seen firsthand that their cats now drink more water from their fountains than they ever did from bowls. 

2. Drinking More Keeps Cats Healthy

Others highlight that staying well-hydrated keeps cats healthy beyond issues of dehydration.

3. Make Sure to Buy One That’s Easy to Clean

Several cat owners say that keeping the fountain clean is one of their biggest issues because it won’t help your cat stay healthy if they become dirty. 

4. Do Not Buy Plastic Fountain

For one thing, people agree that plastic fountains are more challenging to clean than their ceramic and stainless steel counterparts, but more than that, these plastic fountains can cause cat acne. 

5. Remember to Change Filter

Cat owners who support buying a fountain based on their experience note that filters are essential to keeping your cat’s water clean and healthy for them to drink 

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