Wave: Modern Door-Hanging Cardboard Cat Scratcher

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Wave: Modern Door-Hanging Cardboard Cat ScratcherLong gone are the days of the flat cardboard scratcher that takes up a lot of floor space and won’t last for a very long time. The innovative design of this cardboard scratcher by Moderncat has brought a totally different dimension to the ordinary scratcher.

Cats just love to scratch on cardboard all the time so the Wave cardboard cat scratcher might just be what they have always dreamed of. This sleek design offers your pet long hours of scratching as layer upon layer of cardboard is compressed together. 
The Wave cardboard cat scratcher is space-saving as can be hanged on a door knob. You also have the option place it on the floor. Not only is it attractive, it is quite practical as you replace the worn and torn cardboard over and over again so your cat can enjoy their scratcher for a very long time and it can always be as good as new. Scratching is a good way for cats to stretch out their legs and use their claws which is what they need, especially if usually confined within a home. 
There are so many innovative cat products that can offer you the functionality and practicality that you want while fulfilling the needs of your pet.

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