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I always liked cats and have had a yellow plain cat for years but she is not a lap cat. I’m getting older and wanted to have a large lap cat, so I bought a Maine Coon 8 month old female. She is a great cat nice but not a good lap cat. My wife decided for father’s day to get me a Ragdoll, I knew nothing about this until it happened. She found him in the newspaper. Along came little Wally an 8-week old ball of fur.

He came from a breeder in our area. Yes I would recommend this breeder. www.elviasragdollbabz.com, she was reluctant to let him go, but we have 6 other cats in our house and the Maine Coon wanted someone to play with. They love each other now and run though the house like Nascar. He got his name because we have Molly horse, a Holly horse, & my name is ollie, so my wife named him Wally. He sleeps with us every night, he is in trouble most of time, he loves small plastic balls with bells in them. He steels stuff phones, remotes, shoes. He is getting the ouch Aug. 14th (2009) then micro chipped Sept. 2nd. Some folks do not the chip, but we have a Sheperd, two donkeys & the maine coon chipped with no problems. All our cats are indoor cats, but they can now and then get out by some forgeting to close a door etc.

We have a closed in porch we call it the cat area. They have cat door so they can come go from the house to the porch.

Well that’s Wally’s story.

He is 11 weeks Aug 1st, 2009 and over 4.5 lbs.

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2 thoughts on “Wally

  1. Wally's Dad says:

    Aug 19, 2009
    Wally had his ouch last Friday and did just fine, it did not slow him down at all, he is up to almost 6 lbs now and still looking for full time trouble.
    He goes in Sept for the rest of his shots and his Microchip.

  2. Wally's Dad says:

    Oct 13, 2009
    Last Sunday we went and bought Wallys full brother he was the last of the litter and looking for a home, he is not as big as Wally, but he is in as much trouble as Wally is.
    He goes this Friday for his big ouch, shots & microchip. I’ll post photos a little later when I get some good ones.
    His name is Willy.
    He can be seen on the sellers web site.

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