Waggo Dipper Bowls Review

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Waggo Dipper Pet BowlsWaggo Dipper Bowls Review

I am always interested in reviewing quality ceramic pet bowls.  Investing in a good quality ceramic cat bowl can keep you from having to buy more throughout your kitty’s life.

So I reached out to Waggo and asked if we could try out their Waggo Dipper Bowls.  They kindly obliged, so now we can share these beautiful designer pet bowls with you.

We received two of the small Waggo Dipper Bowls – in Lime and Mint.

Aren’t they gorgeous?  They are classy and hip at the same time.  They are dishwasher safe and are also FDA approved and are 100% ceramic.

As with anything ceramic, I always put them on the top shelf of the dishwasher as glazes seem to hold up better and don’t crack or chip.  I just don’t like to run the risk of putting them on the bottom shelf and ruining anything.  I love these bowls, so I want them to last a long time.

These bowls were originally made for dogs, so they are wide enough for your kitty’s whiskers not to get too tickled.

Waggo Bowls are Dishwasher Safe
Waggo Bowls are Dishwasher Safe

They come in the following colors:

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They are heavy enough too that they will not slide around while your kitty or pup eats from them.

I totally love the “Waggo” logo on the bottom of the bowls and how it is a different glaze color than the rest of the bowl – don’t you?

Here’s what they looked like when they arrived:

Here’s what they looked like after several uses and many, many dishwasher cycles:

The small Waggo Dipper Bowl sells for $16 – they also have a medium and a large for a little bit more.  The small size is plenty big for a kitty though!

Purchase Waggo Dipper Bowls on Amazon.

You can join Waggo on Facebook and Twitter.

We received the Waggo Bowls from the manufacturer. Receiving the free product did not influence this review.

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