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Meet Violet, AKA Mrs. Beasley, or Mrs. BB.  I’ve learned with cats, it makes no difference if they are pretty, funny looking, breathtaking, or deformed, it has no bearing on their personality. Cats are so different from one another. And while I have the loveliest cats (I  have Ragdolls because I am  less allergic to them), I would have all rescues if that wasn’t an issue. I also had a Siberian, who was truly hypoallergenic, but I lost him last March to FIP. I hope no one reading this ever has to suffer the devastation that FIP causes. If you don’t know what FIP is, please look it up. It needs to be on every cat owners radar.


My other Ragdoll, (you know, the Prince) who is now 3 1/2, thinks he is Royalty, and charges money if you want to look at him. If you want to pet him, you have to take out a loan….I’ll submit him at another time. I’m just giving you the skinny on the whole house vibe. I also have a rescued 13 year old Great Dane (the Prince’s girlfriend), Grace, whose been in diapers for 3 years, and 3 rescued Umbrella Cockatoos who have their own addition on my home. I also have 4 rescued geese who live in the fenced yard. It’s a lively place, lots of squirrels, Crows and a Possum who lives under the addition. Then there’s me, the Mom. full time caretaker to all said kids.

Violet at 5 weeks
Violet at 5 weeks

Let’s talk about Violet though, because she’s the star of the story. She was born in March of 09, a blue bi-color. She hails from Lottarags in Billerica, Ma. a recommendable cattery owned by Denise Cuzzupe. She was the last kitten left of a litter. She was 12 weeks old when I picked her up. She immediately melded into the frey, forming tolerable relationships with everyone, but bonding immediately with me.

She has a gregarious sense of humor, dragging gifts of socks, hats, or small stuffed animals to lay at my feet. Occasionaly she will catch a mouse in the cellar, bring it upstairs and let it go on my shoe! She never kills them, and then we both run around, until I win, get the mouse, and let it go outdoors. She doesn’t understand why I allow the toy to leave, but soon forgives. While not the most pleasant thing, Violet can do a 7 inch POO in a straight line, and she always leaves it on top of the kitty litter, so I can ‘find’ it easily, and then runs around as fast as she can, so I’ll know to go check it out ASAP….I’m sorry, but that’s not only thoughtful, mindful behavior, but humorous too.


While I read the paper in the morning, that’s when she plops herself in the middle of it for her AM combing session. Don’t forget the armpits!

Oh, and her pants!! Whenever I’m near Violet, which is mostly 24/7, I’m smiling Click Me!. She is a perfect Joy. I honestly don’t think she’s ever done anything even remotely naughty. The true polar opposite of The “Prince” who again shall remain nameless for now, I also adore him because he was born believing himself better than even himself…. what???? Hard to explain.
Back to sweet, beautiful, funny Violet with the most gorgeous eyes. I’ve never had an overweight pet, but poor Violet was spayed at 9 weeks, which does make for a battle of the bulge with many females.


But her weight, while she’s chunky, is a respectable 11 ish lbs.The poor girl had such a roly fat pad, I thought it was a tumor! Violet is a doll, a darling, a sweetheart, an angel. Someone should name a Chocolate Truffle after her. It would be rich dark chocolate on the outside, Sea Salted Caramel inside, dusted with toasted pecan dust, and crowned with a fresh raspberry. Just because she’s that Yummy. Would you like a Violet truffle? mmmm.


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Hi, I’m Jenny Dean, creator of Floppycats! Ever since my Aunt got the first Ragdoll cat in our family, I have loved the breed. Inspired by my childhood Ragdoll cat, Rags, I created Floppycats to connect, share and inspire other Ragdoll cat lovers around the world,

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  1. I’ll take an extra large box of Violet Truffles please! She sounds like a sweet and darling character of a kitty. I enjoyed hearing about the poop detail– they can be so cute and quirky even re: their litter box habits! She’s a beautiful girl, especially with her tiara on…; )

  2. Kara DiDomizio says:

    Wow, looks like a show cat! So beautiful 😀 I think that’s an okay weight. I’ve seen many ragdolls this weight more or less! My Himalayans are also the same way. XD

    Beautiful, very stunning! Fantastic pictures. She sounds like a ham ^^

  3. Coinneach Fitzpatrick says:

    Don’t worry about her weight, Ragdolls are supposed to be meaty and huggy and 11 pounds is just perfect for girls. With her personality, I’d be hugging her 24/7. 😀

  4. Violet is so beautiful… and you are so wonderful for doing all those good things for your pet companions 🙂

    Christmas blessings to you and your babies!

  5. Suzanne,
    Thanks for the knockout pictures of gorgeous Violet. Super stunning and a character too! Now I want my own. Mimi

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