Vincent aka Binks – Ragdoll of the Week

It wasn’t that long ago that my Binkie was Kitten of the Month…well, now he’s a year old & Raggie of the Week! Time flies and it amazes me how much of an amazing cat Ragdolls really are as a breed! 

Ragdoll Vincent Price story

As I said previously, he’s named for Vincent Price and “Vincent” is what it says on his papers from O Canada Ragdolls. However, Vincent Price also had a family nickname of “Bink”. If you couple that with my love for Hocus Pocus, he became Binks! But he’ll always be my Binkie too.  

Binks – His Story

On April 29th, 2021, Binks turned one year old, though his Gotcha Day isn’t until August 1st. A lot has changed since I submitted him for Kitten of the Month… 

Ragdoll cat

Personality-wise, he is just such a floppy cat. He loves to be picked up, going completely limp when you do so. Ulalume likes being picked up, but she will get tired of it. Edgar does not like being picked up at all. So, it’s a stark contrast to Binks. He won’t say no to a cuddle either! His purr is like a truck, vibrates right through you. 

Ragdoll Cat

He’s still food-motivated, knowing the sound of the cupboard being opened for treats. I have honestly never seen a cat run so fast before without being chased. And he still has this fascination of coming with me to the bathroom. Like he needs to guard me. I can’t go in there alone! 

He prefers to lounge, but I have caught him playing with several different toys. He has everyone else fooled that he’s too grown up for that, but I know my Binkie! He loves springs, but also loves catnip toys too. He loves the ‘nip.  

Ragdoll Cat Vincent

I can say one thing: Binks is the most handsome seal point mitted I have EVER seen! I may be biased though. His perfect blue eyes sparkle with a gentleness, his tummy very soft and creamy, and his tiny white chin just too adorable for words! He is my gentle giant, over 15lbs now.  

Ragdoll in a box

He lost his kitten tummy and got a bit of a mane, but the most interesting development is that he has attached himself to my mother. I was abandoned, but that’s okay because he and my mum have a very special bond. He loves her more than anyone and it warms my heart.  

Multiple cats lying together on a chair

He suffered a bit from the “middle child syndrome” when we got Edgar. He sometimes doesn’t mind wrestling with the little guy, but sometimes you can tell he’s had enough of being a big brother, especially when Edgar follows him EVERYWHERE. I still catch them napping together though. 

Ragdoll cat

Binks used to eat anything–it was a running joke in the family. Now, he is VERY picky. He likes his food to be room temperature and he likes to make a selection of what food he’s going to eat that day. He has a very sophisticated palette. 

Ragdoll cat with blue eyes

His favourite treats are the PureBites in any flavour, as well as a sample of different treats we got for his birthday from Ren’s Pets as a gift that are salmon flavoured, called Boo-Boo Best. He, obviously, prefers treats to his meal-time, but he’s always the one to meow and let us know it’s time for breakfast, lunch, or dinner! Queen Ulalume runs the place for sure. Edgar is kind of in his own little kitten world. And Binks? Well, he’s just a dapper gentleman. 

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Silhouette of a ragdoll cat

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