Valentine’s Cardboard Cat Scratcher

Last Updated on August 20, 2021 by Jenny

Valentine's Cardboard Cat ScratcherImperial Cat has been known for providing unique cardboard cat scratchers for decades. They’ve been satisfying both cat parents and their cats for many, many years. And Valentine’s Day is coming, so why not show some love to your Blue Lynx Mitted Ragdoll cat, on this special day?

All Imperial Cat’s Scratch ‘n Shapes are uniquely designed to complement every household theme. Scratch ‘n Shapes are available in a wide variety of great and creative designs to choose from. One of their best scratchers in line is the Valentine’s Cardboard Cat Scratcher.

Imperial Cat’s Valentine’s Cardboard Cat Scratcher is composed of 100% recycled materials making it 100% recyclable as well. Such feature makes the cat scratcher environmentally friendly at the same time ensures both the cat and cat parent that such cat product is safe for use.

As cat parents, we all know that cats do love toning their muscles and do stretch from time to time. This cardboard cat scratcher does not only provide scratch time but also functions as a play or nap area to your cat.

Visit to get Imperial Cat’s Valentine’s Cardboard Cat Scratcher for $39.99.

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