Using Black Lights to Detect Urine Spots

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711TEK UV Flashlight Black Light

If you own a pet, you know that house training them can be rough. With a cat, it’s much easier in general to get them accustomed to using various litter products than it is to get a dog to learn to go outside. This, however, does not mean cats never have accidents or that they can’t have chronic urination issues. Some cat owners come home to find the overwhelming stench or urine but can’t find exactly where it’s at. This is where black light urine detectors come in.

711TEK UV Flashlight Black Light makes a great urine detector. The brand uses a LED UV light with high output to detect even the smallest of stains. The sheer power within this technology is what makes this one of the best cat products out there. Instead of wasting your time spraying and washing large areas of the house because you’re not sure where the urine went, you can use this device to pinpoint the specific region. This way you can focus your cleaning efforts instead of having to clean the entire house just to take care of a few areas where there is a urine smell.

Unfortunately, not all pet urine shows up under black light. There is a percentage that is unable to be detected by it. Regardless, this product will help to cut back on a lot of bad odors in your living space. If your cat continues to urinate outside of its litter box, try out some natural cat litter. If this doesn’t help, check in with your vet.

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