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Post Published on June 1, 2010 | Last Updated on July 8, 2021 by Jenny

Charlie on The Urban Pethaus Wave Perch
Charlie on The Urban Pethaus Wave Perch

Urban Pethaus sent us a small and a large wave perch to product test.  You  might be familiar with the name Urban Pethaus because we have already reviewed their Slant Stair.

I knew these would be a hit because cats love to sit where they can see everything.  No doubt, Rags, would have loved these.

Charlie on Urban Pethaus Wave Perch
Charlie on Urban Pethaus Wave Perch

The only obstacle I found with these perches was where to install them.  Although, they are very easy to install because they come with a template that helps you measure and figure out where to place them, there were so many places in my house where I wanted to put them!  Of course, you have to make sure that you install them into studs, so they are safely secured.  I finally figured out that the living room would be the best place.  After all, they do look like fancy shelves.  In fact, my brother came over with his son last week and asked me what I was going to put on them – he thought they were regular shelves.  I told him that they were for the cats, and he replied, “Oh, I should have known.”

Urban Pethaus Logo

They are stylish and sophisticated and are a compliment to any modern décor.  They are made of eco-friendly materials with a real wood veneer and dark zebra wood engineered finish.  They also have a durable wool felt padded top for your pets comfort.

Trigg on Urban Pethaus Wave Perch
Trigg on Urban Pethaus Wave Perch

If you live in an apartment or in small house, these perches really are the perfect solution for your small space because they mount easily to the wall and provide a lookout and lounge for your kitties.

The large perch has two waves and measures 44”W x 10”D x 8”H, whereas the small perch has one wave and measure  22″W x 10″D x 7″ H.

Price Large: $149.95 each
Price Small: $99.95 each

You can also buy them on Amazon:

You’ll definitely want to consider getting more than one so that your kitties have different levels to jump to and from.

Below are a few videos I captured while Charlie and Trigg were hanging out on the Urban Pethaus Wave Perches:

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5 thoughts on “Urban Pethaus Wave Perch – Floppycats.com Product Review

  1. Tamara says:

    Do your cats like both sizes? I was assuming Ragdolls would prefer the bigger shelf but maybe with the wave they only go in the dipped part anyway? So the effective resting area is about the same?

    • Jenny says:

      That’s hard to say – as I would have needed to test each one low and high to see. We ended up donating them to a rescue, so we don’t have them anymore.I liked the idea of two, so they could jump from one to the other, but sounds like you want to get just one?

      • Tamara says:

        We might get two – I just want to get the right two 🙂 Did they spend time on the smaller one at all? Did you ever notice them on the “bump” part of the large one?

        • Jenny says:

          I don’t recall – if they really settled down it was in the dip, not on the bump. I have updated this post and added Amazon links – those links have reviews as well – so those might be helpful? I feel bad I can’t totally remember – this was almost 4 years ago and we have reviewed over 200 products since.

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