Urban Pethaus Slant Stair

Post Published on February 20, 2010 | Last Updated on May 30, 2010 by Jenny

Urban Pethaus Slant Stair

The folks at Urban Pethaus were kind enough to send us their Urban Pethaus Slant Stair for review.

Although it would have been ideal to have Rags around to review this product (as it is far superior to the plastic stairs he had to get on the bed), Charlie and Trigg came in handy as well. Rags would have been ideal because at the age of 18 (he died when he was 19.5 years old), he no longer made an effort to jump on the bed, so he would hop on a chair and then hop on the bed. Once there were stairs next to the bed, he used those religiously – never jumping off the bed either. So pet stairs are ideal for young animals that cannot reach the bed, shorter animals that can never reach the bed and older pets that have other issues that are preventing them from wanting to jump on the bed or a couch.

So, as you guessed, the Slant Stairs are pet stairs for cats. They arrived disassembled. But, there are no tools necessary because Urban Pethaus sends you an Allen Wrench so you can go ahead and put it together. It takes about 10-15 minutes to put it together.

It is made of quality eco-friendly materials, wood veneer steps, dark zebra wood engineered finish. It also has a durable metallic silver powder coated steel tube for installation if your cat or dog is over a certain weight. The stairs can take up to 40lbs of weight.

Price: $135.99

Measures 15″W x 20″D x 15″H

Product Details:

Package Length: 39.0 inches

Package Width: 19.0 inches

Package Height: 8.0 inches

Package Weight: 22.0 pounds

We loved the Slant Stair and have absolutely no complaints about it. It is durable, high quality and a solid piece of equipment. It is ten times sturdier than other pet stairs for cats that we have seen. We have absolutely no problem suggesting the Slant Stair for your cat.

Charlie in action using the Slant Stair

Order the Urban Pethaus Slant Stair

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One thought on “Urban Pethaus Slant Stair

  1. Jeffrey says:

    This product reminds me of when i was younger. I used to always sleep on the top bunk of my bunk bed and every morning I would wake up to find Emily, my calico cat, snuggled up against me. She would use the ladder, which was pretty steep, to go down but it took me forever to figure out how she got up. I had a multi-tiered desk that she would climb. its amazing how far cats will go for a good cuddle.

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