Unique Cat Trees for the Well-Versed Cat (and Cat Owner)

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46" Mega Kit Cat Claw Perch

Kitty Mansions Amazon Cat Tree, Green/BrownIf you've owned a cat for any substantial amount of time and love spoiling them, then you probably already know just how much they love cat tree houses. Even those who don't own a cat yet are probably familiar with some of the different designs by now, thanks to their overwhelming popularity. Many of the designs out on the market today all look the same though. There's not necessarily anything wrong with this, but what if you're looking for a unique cat tree? Well, luckily, we know of a few:

  • Mega Kit Cat Perch – This one is a full 46 inches high and contains just about everything your cat could hope for – a ramp made from sisal rope, catnip-filled toys that dangle, two cube homes, four scratching posts, and more. The design of the Mega Kit Cat Perch looks like the jungle gym of any cat's dreams, and it's only $60 right now. You can also purchase more units to connect, making it even bigger.
  • Kitty Mansions Amazon Cat Tree – Cat climbing trees that look like actual trees? Who'd have imagined such a thing? Apparently, Kitty Mansions. This tree comes with two enclosed bed areas, as well as hammock-like levels and perches. Cats love scratching the material of this tree, and the fake leaves give them another toy to play with.
  • Contoure Modern Cat Tree Tower (unfinished birch)Contoure Modern Cat Tree – This design comes with four carpeted cat perches and is made of solid birch plywood, resembling a piece of art rather than furniture that is extremely functional… but it easily manages both. This one comes in a hand-stained walnut color and looks like it belongs in a study.

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