Unique Cat Furniture – Urban Pethaus, Square Cat Habitat, Cat Power Tower

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Urban Pet HausPeople have personalities and so do their pets.  Whether your pet is a daredevil, country bumpkin, or true rock star, they deserve furniture to reflect their own personal style.  If you are a cat owner in the market for some unique products that will match your feline friends style choices then Urban Pethaus is for you.  The contemporary design will fit with a modern design in your home or allow your four legged friend to enjoy a personal style all their own.

Maybe your personal preference is to give your cat mobility and style without old fashioned scratching posts or cat tree houses littering your main family room.  The decorate for your tastes with cat items that can double as decor.  Square Cat Habitat offers unique cat furniture that canSquare Cat House Hanging Scratchers easily double as embellishments.  The framed scratching squares of hanging perches are perfect to place on walls for a fun and functional cat product.

Maybe an all in one tower is more your style.  If you are tired of discount cat toys littering your floor in every room try out a Cat Power Tower.  This tower offers a great climbing toy,  dual sisal cat scratching posts, and a toy that carousels at the top.  Perfect to keep even the most hyper Ragdoll entertained.
Cat Power Tower
Visit these sites to find the perfect furniture to fit your cat’s unique personality.  Once you find the right piece visit the Floppycats forum to let others know your thoughts and feelings about the product.

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