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Last Updated on September 9, 2021 by Jenny

The Refined FelineMy Blue Lynx Mitted Ragdoll is truly a sight to behold.  He sits in his cat window bed and shows off for all the neighbors and anyone else who happens to pass by on a warm afternoon.  His favorite activity, when not showing off, is to climb on one of his cat gyms or chase toys around the entire house, but we are getting ready to move into a new apartment.  I want some unique cat furniture that my boy can enjoy, but that also looks good.

I surfed the Net and found a few great sites that offer just what I am looking for as far as unique cat furniture. The Refined Feline offers great cat nap areas that look like baskets, unique cat perches, and even litter box hiders that look like regular tables.  My favorite is a climbing tower that truly looks like a piece of art.Whisker Studio

Whisker Studio also offers a great climbing tree that is eco friendly and space conservative which has been ideal in the smaller apartment.  My boy can nap on his perch near the floor or almost to the ceiling.

Modern Cat Studio also offered a great selection which included toys made from re-purposed items that keep cats entertained for hours on end. My little Modern Cat Studioguy loves the newest toys in the collection. 

So buy with style in mind when searching these unique cat  furniture sites.

Have you purchased from one of these unique sites?  How do the products rank as far as performance?  Share your thoughts on the Ragdoll forum.

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